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Grind Life Premium coffee for those who grind everyday. If life is an adventure and not just a routine, Grind Life is for you. Adventurer, Military, First Responder, Outdoorsman, Factory Worker, or just a patriotic red blooded American, Grind life is here to help you achieve success in everything you do.

Coffee type: 100% Columbian

Roast Level: Medium

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The Santa Barbara Estate is one of the few completely integrated coffee farms in Colombia, ensuring close quality control. A combination of climate, altitude, and volcanic soil provide the ideal setting for exquisite coffee production. Education and incentive programs encourage the estate’s workers to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Region: Santa Barbara
Altitude: 1,400—2,000 meters
Varietal: Castillo and Colombia
Farm/Co-op: Farm
Process: Washed, silo-dried

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Weight12 oz


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