Riverbank Brew


The Freedom one receives while on the water is second only to maybe flying.  Whether drifting down a Western Trout Stream with Fly Rod in hand or enjoying a lazy afternoon paddling down the Cumberland River with Friends and Family.  Riverbank Brew is the perfect Coffee to accompany you on those fresh water adventures. Imagine the sights, smells and sounds of the moving water over a shore lunch and top it off with a fresh cup of Riverbank Brew.  It can’t get any better!

Coffee Type:  EL Salvador

Roast Type: Medium

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The coffee of El Salvador is known for its old-growth heirloom Bourbon variety, which was first cultivated in the early 1800s. El Salvador—compared to its counterparts in the region—has preserved a substantial amount of Bourbon varieties due to its civil war; during the war years, while other countries were introducing Catimors and Catimor hybrids, El Salvador’s attention was elsewhere, and the heirloom varieties remained. Farms now have old-stock Bourbon trees (as old as 50–80 years old in extreme cases).

The Las Pampas Estate replaced a former indigo plantation, making it one of El Salvador’s oldest coffee farms. The land was purchased in the 1900’s to unite two farms and two families newly-bound by marriage.

Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapan
Altitude: 1,300—1,400 meters
Varietal: Red Bourbon, Red Caturra
Farm/Co-op: Farm
Process: Fully-washed, sun-dried

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Weight12 oz


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