“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”                        – Patrick Henry St. John’s Church, Richmond, VA – March 23, 1775

A powerful speech that represents men among men during uncertain times.  Bravery, heroism and courage. All things represented from our Founding Fathers.  Let us carry the same virtues as we forge our own paths today! Liberty Roast or Death!

Coffee type:  Tanzanian Peaberry

Roast Type: Medium

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Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar is a premium blend from high-grown estates throughout the country.

  • Southern Estates
    The coffee from Utengule, Lunji, and Kanji Lalji has a reputation for excellence. The Utengule Estate is a traditional, well-managed East African coffee farm that produces exquisite Aribica beans. An impressive variety of rare flowers and trees grows on the estate and several rivers run through it.
  • Mondul Estate
    This farm was developed by Count Vottorio Davico di Quittengo, after he fell in love with the slopes of the Mondul mountains in Northern Tanganyika. Count Divicao died in 1983 and was buried at Mondul on the highest hill overlooking the estate. His two sons are now running the estate with the same entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment of their father.
  • Burka Estate
    This farm was established in 1899 by German settlers. This estate is home to the Arusha Coffee Lodge, which offers plantation tours, horseback riding, mountain biking, and nature trails.
  • Ngila Estate
    This estate is situated in the Karatu District on the slopes of the Ngorongoro crater and is surrounded by the Ngila Forest Reserve.
  • Lyamungu Estate
    Lyamunga is located on the southern foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was established in 1934 as a center for coffee research in Tanzania.

    : Northern and Southern Tanzania
    Altitude: 1,400—1,800 meters
    Varietal: N&KP, Kent, Bourbon
    Farm/Co-op: Farms
    Process: Washed, sun-dried

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