Grind Life Rewards

Welcome to Grind Life Rewards page! 

First, GL Rewards is a system to reward customers with points that can be used towards future purchases and or these great items below. 

How it works…

Earn GL Rewards Points for:

  • Registering an account.
  • Purchases.
  • And many more things to come.

Then redeem your GL Rewards Points on:

  • Future Purchases.
  • Rewards Points Only Items.
  • Limited Edition Items.
  • And Many Many More Things To Come!

How to enroll:

  1. Register An Account
  2. Thats IT!!!!

     In the future when you make a purchase on Grind Life, login to your account and the purchase will qualify for GL Rewards Points. Your Rewards Points will be displayed on your account page. When you make a purchase you will be rewarded with points to your account and on check out you can use these points as a discount or collect points for these amazing items below.



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