While watching hunting shows on YouTube recently I stumbled upon a really cool guy by the name of Beau Baty.  Beau is a great friend and guest of Randy Newberg. The episode was a Wyoming back country pack in Mule deer hunt where Beau brought along his herd of Llamas and they hiked many miles and set up the most amazing back country camp.  Randy shared that Beau had been recently been battling cancer and it immediately grabbed my heart strings and I was just amazed that this man was even attempting this adventure when he wasn’t fully healthy.  Several hours later they were 10 plus miles into the back country where they set up and enjoyed quite an amazing camp considering they were miles back into the wilderness.  This would not have been possible without the Llamas.  Yes you could use a bigger animal like a horse or a mule but these Llamas are smaller, sure footed and strong.  I assume they take up less resources to keep fed and watered on an adventure like this.

So that led me to look up Beau Baty and I quickly came across his website that he and his wife Kirstin run.  Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas is their company and they offer some amazing back country hiking/camping trips.  After surfing their site and watching some YouTube videos I was hooked.  This is an adventure that definitely needs to bee on anyone’s list who longs for the back country of the West!  I can’t wait to someday meet Beau and Kirstin and trek into the wilderness of Montana or Wyoming with their herd in tow.

A lot of people are getting outdoors and rediscovering nature in 2020, do yourself and your soul favor and look for your next adventure!  Remember to grind every day to reach your goals and dreams.  Maybe even pick up a bag of Grind Life Coffee to fuel your adventure!